E.V.P is also known as electronic voice phenomenon. Using voice recorders, the participant tries to capture the disembodied voices of ghosts that are often thought of humans who have died and choose to make themselves known through anomalous responses that are usually captured on either a digital or cassette tape recorder. These spirits are usually coaxed into responses by questions that are asked by those who are doing the recording, such as paranormal investigators seeking evidence of the afterlife or spiritual psychics looking for particular answers from a ghost, for reasons such as family closure and unfinished business.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Ghost Moves My Water Bottle by Ashley99738899336 reads
So this happened to me, I was playing around with my ghost games then I wanted to do an EVP session so I click the button and I said is there any ghosts here then the EVP said yes. I got scared and happy the same time. I said prove it move my water bottle then my water bottle fell on the ground and water was just coming out, I just stood there then I ran outta there I drove to town. The next morning I went home then I saw the water bottle was in the middle of my room, I tried looking for the wat... Keep Reading
It said "Travis" by Baron725 reads
Scary EVP recorded during a session at Rigley, this was recorded in the attic.
Scott asked, "What's your name?" and we hear the "entity?" say something like  "Travis"
So creepy. Keep Reading

Travis.mp3 (Size:323499 / Downloads:10)
Creepy EVP "Hi Shawn" by Baron351 reads
This is a creepy mp3 I found on the net. The ghost says "Hi Shawn" Keep Reading

hisean.mp3 (Size:38870 / Downloads:4)
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