A ghost child is the adolescent spirit of a young human. When in the presence of a ghost child, a person may feel a light tug on their clothing, or hear the laughter and giggling of an invisible child's voice, with no explanation. Black-eyed children are referred to as such because of their huge black eyes and scary appearance. Black-eyed children are thought to be children who are possessed or under the influence of the supernatural, these spooky children may have psychic powers, such as being able to read minds and move objects.
Ghost and Black-eyed Children
Ghost In The Road by Anonymous141 reads
Here in Hawaiian Village, Oahu, there is a legend of a child that was killed in the street, he was hit by a car one day when his toy ball rolled out into the street and the little boy ran after it. There was an older lady behind the wheel, who couldn't stop in time, and tragically she struck the little boy and killed him, this is the legend, supposedly the event occurred in the summer of 72.

Now fast forward to a moonlit summer night in 1989. ... Keep Reading
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