Cemetery Ghost: A cemetery ghost is a paranormal entity or spirit that often feels forsaken, deperate and lonely, it therefore chooses to dwell among the tombstones and burial grounds that contain the graves of people who have passed into the afterlife. It is thought that a cemetery ghost is drawn back to its own body or the graves of loved ones because it is unable to accept the fact it has died and no longer dwells in a physical body. You may sense a cemetery ghost through visual sight, the smell of flowers or enigmatic sounds such as a soft whisper in the wind. You may also get an overwhelming feeling of despair and depression when in the unseen presence of a cemetery ghost.
Real Ghost Stories about Cemetery Ghosts
One Strange Night at The Cemetery by Mr Ghost Stories125 reads
It was about 12 years ago when we ran a paranormal investigation group. It was 3 of us guys, all family related. We would typically visit cemeteries at night, hoping to catch sight of a ghost or encounter anything paranormal. We were just a very curious group, doing a lot of EVP recordings.

One night, we went to Houston cemetery, a landmark in Houston, Texas with famous graves and sprawling fields of headstones, rolling hills, the place is just breathtaking. During this one particular night,... Keep Reading
My First Paranormal Experience by Sheila Renee Parker252 reads
I was a small child, just barely school age when I had my first experience with the paranormal. I’ve never spoken publicly about it until now, not even at my public speaking events nor book signings have I ever brought up the incident of which I’m about to tell you. Yes, I’ve openly discussed my encounters with shadow people, being touched by spirits, my ability of being an empath and also my ability of angelic communication, but never openly discussed my first recollection of a paranormal encou... Keep Reading
The Laughing Ghost by RavenSnow87401 reads
When I was younger, I was totally goth. I and my girlfriends did the typical stuff, dressed in black, wore black make-up and all that stuff. There was a cemetery right down the street from my house, so we would go and hang out there sometimes, but I never went by myself until one day I was walking home from my friend's house and it was just getting dark, the weather was cold, I had my jacket on but the wind was brisk so I was in a hurry to get home.

As I was walking next to the cemetery, the... Keep Reading
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