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A spirit board story is the firsthand account of a paranormal event brought on by the use a spirit board, also known as a 'Ouija Board'.
"I was at a sleepover with my friend, Anne."
posted in by SonicE.X.E
"This is a true story, but I want to warn everyone not to use Ouija boards so you don't lose your best friend like I lost mine."
posted in by Guest
"When I was about eleven, me and my friends were playing the Ouija board at school"
posted in by Guest
"Ouija boards are the subject of much controversy. "
posted in by Guest
"I know a lot of people are not superstitious, but "
posted in by Guest
"Although he sustained a fractured femur and a broken wrist you’ll be pleased to know Kevin made a full recovery. The rest of us vowed never to use a Ouija board again "
posted in by Countess
"More than two decades have passed since the night I played with the infamous Ouija Board."
posted in by Sheila Renee Parker

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