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A haunted house is a place that is currently or was once occupied by humans, that is also home to a paranormal entity.
"I never knew the real name of the Ghost I grew up with.."
"I might have promised too much for one post but I’ll try to fit it all in. "
posted in by CamQuinn
"To this day, I'm not even sure I believe it myself."
posted in by smitkate251
"We had a ghostly visitor during a home renovation project."
"I have lately had the feeling that I'm being haunted. I feel like I am being watched while safe in my house with no one around. I was sitting in my room last night and I heard noises coming from my closet. I checked and there was nothing..."
posted in by HauntedHorror
"This is a true story, every word.. My Proof of the Paranormal, You be the Judge"
"When I told my mother about this, she told me that the spirits were checking to make sure I did my homework!"
posted in by sav8604
"I do not remember anything because he does not show his face because he is black"
posted in by I'm scared of him
"I’ve gone back and forth on which story to share on this site, pretty much since I found Mr. Ghost Stories on Twitter. "
posted in by CamQuinn
"I already covered the darkness my sister and I experienced in one room of this house"
posted in by Manda
"Back in the1980’s, when I was a carefree young girl."
posted in by ghostgirl

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