78 Stories
A girl bought a new cell phone...(see what happens)
This is a ghost story about a ghost story.
Did not see anything when I took the picture.
This Took Place At Medfield State Hospital
I do not remember anything because he does not show his face because he is black
Spontaneous Combustion
by Guestin General Stories 06-25-19
A friendly spirit named Luv in a Ouija Board.
by UniKayla14in General Stories 06-12-19
Abandoned Union Bleachery Mill
by Guestin General Stories 05-30-19
Rumors: the delusion of a disordered mind. a phantom. a spirit. a ghost.
This picture I drew is a haunted object.
It s about a man
by ITZELin General Stories 04-24-19
78 Stories

General Stories describe common paranormal experiences that are aligned with typical hauntings, spirits, and ghosts. These experiences are completely unexplainable, and often denote phenomenon that is beyond the scope of normal human understanding.

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