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General ghost stories are first person encounters with ghosts, spiritual beings, and the paranormal.
"N.B. This is a short story from my husband, who claimed to have came face-to-face with a vampire-like creature in Philippine folklore called an Aswang. It is up to the reader if they wish to believe in this or not."
posted in by slenderghoul
"Since I was young, I could see and feel "beings" entering and leaving my room, as if it were an intersection of dimensions between the world of the living and the dead."
posted in by slenderghoul
"This is another true story I have experienced."
posted in by RJCoxParanormal
"My mother and grandmother came back with the dog and we told them what had happened, not sure if they believed us "
posted in by Dex1969
"My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys, UK, near Cardiff."
posted in by Guest
" And till this day I still have dreams about that same little boy."
posted in by Guest
"A place where we had all shared some fabulous times and made some very wonderful memories."
posted in by Countess
" I was employed as a weekend chambermaid at a grand old local hotel, there was one room at the end of the hall where odd things would happen."
posted in by ghostgirl
" The adults regarded us suspiciously and seemed completely unconvinced by our recount."
posted in by Countess
"About mid 2010, I was caring for six elderly women in a Private In-Home Supportive Care House, in Clovis California. This is my story."
posted in by SophiaJurado
"Often when people here that I’m from Wyoming, they refer to covered wagons and rodeos. "
posted in by Bodhi

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