Attic Ghost: An attic ghost is a type of paranormal anomaly that attaches itself to the upper-most area of a home, this area is referred to as the attic, attics are spaces often used for storage, these spaces are usually cold and dark. An attic ghost will sometimes make itself known through sounds such as knockings and bangs caused by the moving around of old household items that are often stored in these lonely spaces. It is not unusual for the attic ghost to be the afterlife energy of a deceased person who has a strong connection to the home or attic, such as a childhood home or prior residence.
Ghost Stories about Attic Ghosts
The Attic Door by Jennie928421 reads
When I was a child, we lived in a 3 story house in Minnesota,
I never got a haunted feeling from the house but it did have a huge attic,
the door to the attic was in the playroom, the playroom was on the third floor so you would have to go through the playroom to access the attic. One day when we were in the playroom having fun when the doorknob to the attic started to turn back and forth, ever so slightly the doorknob started to wiggle. Me and my brothers and sisters looked at each other and... Keep Reading
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