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The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition by Sheila Renee Parker Ghost Dreams
The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition

Crossing over into the afterlife isn’t an easy subject for many to talk about simply because it involves the thought of losing a loved one who is very dear to them.

Unfortunately, it has been a little more than seven years since my father’s passing. His death was extremely untimely and a total shock to me and my family. I’ll never forget that call I received in the wee hours of the morning of the heartbreaking news. It was a moment that had changed ...
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A Beautiful Dream by Ashley99738899 Ghost Dreams
This is my friend's story, his name is Keshawn and he will be typing. It's 9:45 pm right now so he will start typing, bye. Hey, guys, my name is Keshawn Long. I've never done anything like this, so let's start with the story.

I had a dream but it was something that I couldn't explain. Well, I guess I can say that the dream was beautiful to me. In my dream, I was in the woods. It was twilight and it was cloudy, I was wandering around and everything was so beautiful. I saw blue flowers, I heard...
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The Spirit In The Bath Tub by Courtney666 Haunted People
As long as I can remember spirits have been following me and affecting my life. It all started when I was five years old. I remember me and my mom sharing an old house together before she met my dad and my room was on the opposite side of the house and I had my own bathroom. From where my bed was I could see the open door to my bathroom where I could see my bathtub. As a child, I was pigeon-toed and had to wear these shoes at night that would straighten out my feet which made it pretty impossibl...
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It Has Batteries....Right? by ParanormalVacations Haunted Objects
I had to have it. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas. I was like I was a child possessed. More like a child brainwashed by the media, but I really didn’t care. I didn’t care if I got any other presents. I wanted that silly talking baby doll. I mean really, what could be cooler? A baby doll that talked, blinked its eyes and moved its mouth. It was the coolest! So naturally, I was elated when I opened Baby Heather on Christmas morning.

Baby Heather was designed to simulate a real bab...
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Child Apparition by Cryptid Hunter Haunted Houses
This experience happened to me while I was traveling through the Mojave Desert back in 2001. I was getting ready to come back home to Las Vegas after visiting my then girlfriend who lived in Lancaster Ca. It was a Sunday night at 9 pm when I decided to make the long drive back home. It had just finished raining in Lancaster and there was a lot of overcast, so it was a pretty dark cold and creepy night. I decided to take a backroad instead of the freeway because I love finding abandoned buildings...
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Ghost In The Road by Anonymous Ghost and Black-eyed Children
Here in Hawaiian Village, Oahu, there is a legend of a child that was killed in the street, he was hit by a car one day when his toy ball rolled out into the street and the little boy ran after it. There was an older lady behind the wheel, who couldn't stop in time, and tragically she struck the little boy and killed him, this is the legend, supposedly the event occurred in the summer of 72.

Now fast forward to a moonlit summer night in 1989. I was driving my car home and was coming up to the...
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A Little Girl Who Is Sad by Ashley99738899 Apparitions
So this happened to me yesterday when I went into the bathroom in the store, right when I entered I heard crying, then the crying got a little bit louder. I said, are you ok? Then I looked in the stalls but there was nobody there. Right away I thought about ghosts then I tweet about it on Twitter. I went to the man in front of the store and I told him about the crying. He said, oh really I heard stories about that. Then I said, what happened? He said, well a little girl died in there. I asked hi...
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My First Paranormal Experience by Sheila Renee Parker Cemetery Ghosts
I was a small child, just barely school age when I had my first experience with the paranormal. I’ve never spoken publicly about it until now, not even at my public speaking events nor book signings have I ever brought up the incident of which I’m about to tell you. Yes, I’ve openly discussed my encounters with shadow people, being touched by spirits, my ability of being an empath and also my ability of angelic communication, but never openly discussed my first recollection of a paranormal encou...
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My Aversion With The Ouija Board by Sheila Renee Parker Ouija Board Experiences
More than two decades have passed since the night I played with the infamous Ouija Board. Thinking back, not really sure what was going through my head and what prompted me to attempt such nefarious communication. Perhaps the notion could have been given credit due to the thought of innocent play, but after witnessing a few things, there was nothing innocent proven about it.

It was at night and I was with two others. We were just three teenagers looking for something to do and there were no a...
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A Boy Who Loves Her by Ashley99738899 Loved Ones | Friends | Family Visits
So this happened to my other friend Jessica, she said when she was little she was best friends with this boy that had no friends until middle school. He told her he was going through depression, she started bringing him food from home and hung out with him in town. Then one night she started getting love messages and calls from him, he kept on saying I love you, I want to be with you.

She told him I just want to be friends. He didn't message her back or call her or go to school until she hea...
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The Confused Man by Ashley99738899 General Ghost Stories
This is my friend who is going to type so yeah. Hey guys, my name is Deanna so this is my story, I hope you like it. So one time I was in my field watching the sunset when a man came up to me, he said what year is it? its 2007 right? I said no sir and who are you? He said I killed myself because I hated my life. Then I started hearing voices in the woods then he said I gotta go because the others are waiting. Then he ran so fast that he disappeared in the woods. Now I realize he was a ghost that...
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The Old Woman by Ashley99738899 Ghost Dreams
So this happened to me, well in my culture if a cricket goes in your house at night that means a ghost wants to talk to you. I didn't know about it until this happened to me, so one night I was watching TV. My favorite movie was on and all of a sudden I saw a black cricket on the floor. I was thinking should I kill it then I just said to myself let the little guy live. Then the cricket goes in my room right there I started hearing footsteps like someone was walking around in my room. I was scare...
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Ghost Moves My Water Bottle by Ashley99738899 E.V.P Recordings
So this happened to me, I was playing around with my ghost games then I wanted to do an EVP session so I click the button and I said is there any ghosts here then the EVP said yes. I got scared and happy the same time. I said prove it move my water bottle then my water bottle fell on the ground and water was just coming out, I just stood there then I ran outta there I drove to town. The next morning I went home then I saw the water bottle was in the middle of my room, I tried looking for the wat...
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Demonic Neighbor by sav8604 Demons / Possessions
My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, and we believe there was activity throughout the entire building, not just our apartment. We had a neighbor living directly upstairs from us, and for 3 years, he was the perfect neighbor. Then, one day, my mother told me he had started hissing at her when she left the building to go to a friends house. It was just the beginning of some extremely bizarre behavior out of him. He started banging pipes on the floor of his apartment, started thr...
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Face In The Kramer Print by sav8604 Ghost Photographs
This is a close up of the face that showed up in our haunted Kramer Print, as told about in the haunted objects category
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Kramer Has Company by sav8604 Haunted Objects
My mother has a thing for Kramer from Seinfeld. So, one year for Christmas, I bought her a framed print of him. It hung on the wall for about 9 months, and then one night, we were telling some friends how haunted our apartment was. We were all about to go ghost hunting together, so these friends had camera's with them. One of them started taking pictures, and he was looking through them on the camera when he noticed one of the pictures had a face that did not belong. The face showed up in the pr...
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Troubled Road by sav8604 Ghost Photographs
Back when I lived in Ohio, I lived in a small town on a brick road. It had a Mayberry feel to it. One of the streets leading into the town was called Fairport Nursery Road. This road was very dark, with few street lights. There were also lots of curves on the road, and lots of fatal car accidents happened on this road. This was this one curve in particular that seemed to have more accidents than anywhere else on the road. It was a trouble spot. So, my mother and a few friends of mine decided it ...
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Funeral Home Spirit Vapor by sav8604 Ghost Photographs
Back when we lived in Ohio, my mother and I began ghost hunting. We still do to this day. We were aware that construction can stir up activity. So, when a funeral home nearby where we lived was being physically relocated to a different property, we decided to get some photos of it after it made it's way to the new location. Literally, the first photo my mother took showed a large amount of spirit vapor covering the funeral home. I hve added the pic to this post, hopefully, it will show up so you...
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New Apartment by sav8604 General Ghost Stories
Right before I turned 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mother and I moved into a new apartment in a neighboring community. It was in an older building, built in 1927. So, I assume there must have been a lot of previous tenants who lived in the building. Within a few weeks of moving in, my mother mentioned she could hear breathing in her ear at night as she was trying to fall asleep. I told her she was just hearing my breathing. She did not think so, as we slept in separate bedrooms. This...
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A Mississippi Haunting by Sydney General Ghost Stories
In the early 1990's, my husband and I bought a small house in a quaint, historic neighborhood.  The house was built sometime in the 1960's and had known at least four or five different owners before we purchased it, but no one mentioned any paranormal experiences during the buying process.  Within three weeks of moving in, strange noises began surfacing.  Since my husband worked the night shift, he was rarely home at normal bedtime hours when the loud thumping and slamming sounds filled the hous...
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