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Posted by Mr. Ghost Stories - 04-13-20
The story behind the ghost pic begins like this. The ghost stories website here, is a place where people can post real ghost stories and paranormal experiences. Well, we had a user sign up, by the name of Dr. Mark B. Lynn, who posted a paranormal experience that he had with a group of friends, at a well known haunted location that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl. The name of this place is called the Old Medfield state hospital, it was built around 1896. In Medfield Mass.

This ghost story was posted over 9 months ago, no one ever noticed the ghost in the photo!

Now you can read the original story that was posted on the ghost stories website right here, it was written by Dr. Mark B. Lynn, a member of this website: 
Actually, you need to read the story now, to fully understand the photo,
 here is a link to the story:

Here is an excerpt from the story:

"In my dreams while I was asleep at night, a ghost girl kept coming to me, and told me that her name was Adelina.  She told me that she had died in 1940 at 16 years old at Medfield State Hospital.  She came to me in my dreams about three times.  Later on I went down at work with a back injury.  I often wonder if it was from the spirit of Adelina passing through me and altering my body from the inside.  I will never forget her and I was truly touched by her spirit and her long lost story of her life."

Now here is where things get interesting, users have the option to upload a thumbnail with their submissions, and Dr. Mark B. Lynn uploaded a thumbnail that shows a frontal shot of a haunted residence building within the hospital compound, that is said to be haunted by the teenage ghost. Now he did not see the specter in the uploaded thumbnail, as there is no mention of this in his story, the title of the story is, "The Ghost Girl of Medfield."

I noticed the spector in the image after examining the image, after reading the ghost story. If you look at the picture, you can clearly see what looks like the ghost of a teenage girl.

Here is a pic of the thumbnails, as they appear on the site.
[Image: 5e938c75c7855_thestory.png]

I was reading the ghost story when I decided to examine the photo. And upon further investigation of the photo, I personally see what I think is the outline of the ghost that haunts the location. Of course this is speculation, but let's examine the photo. In the photo, you can clearly see what appears to be the outline of a female specter, the height and width of a teenager. There is no reason for this anomaly to be in the photo.

Updated with HD, upscaled images.
[Image: 5e94bbcd15ef2_MedfieldHauntedHouse_enhan...rs_low.jpg]

[Image: 5e94badc1c817_enhanced-medfield_upscaled_image_x4.jpg]

[Image: 5e94ba7d4b494_upscaled.png]

Let's look at a  regular shot: The outline is hard to see. And not many people would notice it.

[Image: 5e94630f37e99_MedfieldHauntedHouse%20(2).jpg]

Now let's examine the close-up shots, here you can see the inverted photo, and you can see that the spector is the shape of a ghostly figure.

[Image: 5e94baa44c777_upscaled-2.png]

And here is a midframe angle. The spector looks to be female, and teen.

[Image: 5e9389959ab9c_ghostgirl.png]

And what are the experts saying, well, paranormal researchers like Brian of had this to say in a tweet 

So. perhaps this is one great mystery. 

Is this the teenage ghost of Adelina, experienced by Dr. Mark B. Lynn? The photo is compelling.

What is it?

[Image: 5e94b8dfbbb73_enhanced-medfield_upscaled_image_x4.jpg]

And original:
[Image: 5e94bcce7d2b5_MedfieldHauntedHouse.jpg]

image source: