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An apparition is the ghostly manifestation of a deceased person or animal that appears to the living.
"This Took Place At Medfield State Hospital"
posted in by DrMarkBLinn
"I would never forget the eyes, which were red like burning coal."
posted in by SonicE.X.E
"I'm the kind of person where, if one of my mates or people I love are struggling in some way, I will go out of my way to make sure they are ok."
posted in by RJCoxParanormal
"I used to make Lyle jugs of herbal tea, and for Christmas I bought him a flannel shirt."
posted in by Guest
"I just finished school and my best friend and I decided to move in with each other and get a place to live. "
posted in by Guest
"I went home and I just started crying for her. "
posted in by Ashley99738899

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